Final Documentation


Artist Statement – A Daydream

Jenny Ramroop & Sherilyn Fernandes

A Daydream, is a installation piece that brings the audience into a life-size daydream. The piece
takes up approximately 4m x 5m of ceiling space. There are clouds hung at different levels from the
ceiling. The audience would enter a cloud-filled room, and as they walk through, they find hidden
objects in each cloud. This evokes some sort of emotion, memory, or future goal for them, and this is
something we normally do while we are daydreaming. The big idea of this piece is daydreaming, which
is created through the concept of escaping from reality. This piece offers an escape from the real world
by placing the audience in a surreal space filled with dimly-lit clouds, and objects in which they can
relate to. The reason we are trying to create a surreal environment is so that we can offer an escape
from everyone’s experience with harsh realities. Everyone deserves an escape from the harshness of
todays society, or a break from reality, and should be able to just relax. We have created this tangible
daydream that allows the audience to be transported into this type of environment- a fantasy-like
daydream. This is important to us because of things like school and work, that rob us from enjoying
meditating time alone, which is necessary to keep yourself balanced.

The Showcase



A Daydream

By: Jenny Ramroop & Sherilyn Fernandes

This piece is about daydreaming. The purpose of it is to place the audience into a daydream. Our concept is
to create an escape from reality by bringing the audience into a dream-like state. As artists we feel like we
are trapped in a technology infested world, and such a world can take away from human imagination and
expression. This piece is designed to take you away from the harshness of the real world and place you into
a more relaxed environment. Each cloud consists of one or two objects that are meant to evoke thoughts,
emotions, memories or goals. This is what we normally do while we are daydreaming. The clouds are a
literal and cliché expression of daydreaming, and are hung at various eye-levels, so that you get the sense of
being inside a daydream. Each cloud has a dim glow to create a soothing atmosphere that sets the mood
which brings the audience to a dreamy surreal feeling. This piece was a partnered collaboration, created for

our fourth year New Media final project

Meanings of Paired Objects

  • toy bus and pocket watch – can represent a travel through time, passed down objects that both relate
  • money pouch with money falling into it and old photograph of two people – the idea of greed/money over family, the look at relationships compared to work life, success, and money
  • sea shell and note in a jar, and an old book – the idea of fantasy and knowledge, an unknown world to be discovered
  • baby socks – a new beginning, a baby, life, birth
  • old pipe and salt and pepper stand – bringing families together – pepper and salt and the dinner table, the passing down of a pipe, passing a pipe around in story telling
  • old record – music, everyone has a relationship with music, or the passing down of music from generation to generation
  • old toy doll – childrens toy, old doll
  • jewelry box and watch – old jewelry, a ring – represents relationships, a watch, another form of jewel, belongings of someone
  • pearls – jewelry, richness
  • old pair of keys – opening of something, unlocking doors

Pairing Objects Together

We have decided to place two objects into one cloud. Two objects make the brain wonder more, and think differently.

We thought about this in terms of the human eye – When you close one eye you will see the same view that the other eye sees but a slightly altered view, compared to if you were to look through the other eye. This is comparable to the way we look at objects that relate in two different views.

single and paired objects:

  • toy bus and pocket watch
  • money pouch with money falling into it and old photograph of two people
  • sea shell and note in a jar, and an old book
  • baby socks
  • old pipe and salt and pepper stand
  • old record
  • old toy doll
  • jewelry box and watch
  • pearls
  • old pair of keys

Here is a clip of the ideal setting for our piece:

Second Semester.. Polishing the Idea…

Meeting With David Rokeby : Suggestions:


  • Think about having 2 objects in each cloud
  • 2 objects make the brain think differently
  • surrealism is tapping into our dreams
  • have different things that somewhat relate but not fully
  • brain has to work to bring them together
  • objects take them into their life
  • the idea of looking through 2 eyes: what you see when you close one eye is similar to what you see in the other eye but not fully the same
  • they will then think more about this.. relationship..
  •  – make sure the lights support the presence of the clouds rather than cheapening it
  • make sure you are happy with the way it looks
  • think about pairings of objects – surprising and interesting